First Impressions are Huge

We’ve all heard the saying before, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, maybe you shouldn’t, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t. And it certainly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still happen every day–with books and with websites.

Blog designer Vinh Le writes on his about first impressions online saying this:

“Who are you more likely to believe when looking to buy a house, a guy in his pajamas or a guy in a suit? The power of first impressions can not be denied in first person contact, but it is often overlooked online. Just because you can hide behind your computer doesn’t mean your blog is immune to the same effects. The people visiting your blog operate in a very similar way to how they would in first person contact.

“A blog that looks like it was put together by someone’s nephew in their basement or uses a free template will give off the impression of being unprofessional, lacking credibility, and sketchy. You could have created the world’s most comprehensive blog on a subject, but your blog design can prevent people from even giving you a chance. And without readers, how are you supposed to make a successful blog?”

He goes on to quote Jeff Wisniewski about the power of first impressions.

“In recent studies on web design, they found out that users make an almost instantaneous judgment about a website based on nothing more than the site’s “look and feel.” This judgment happens in about one-twentieth of a second and the initial impression is pretty persistent.” –Jeff Wisniewski


Does that change your mind about the importance of high quality web design? It may cost you more financially than your nephew working out of his basement, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

Color choices, scale, usability, fonts, photos. When they all come together well, it’s like magic.

So we’re here to help you make a stellar first impression so the people who visit your site don’t get put off or tangled up on the way to becoming subscribers (and eventually customers).

Happy Swimming,

The Green Pond Creative Team

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