Web Design is a Whole Different Animal

Ask anyone on the street what a graphic designer does and you’ll get a plethora of answers. Anything from “they draw stuff on the computer” to “they put together photos and copy for magazines” to “they design websites online.”

The role of a graphic designer can fall into any of these categories, each requiring a slightly different skill set:

  • Identity Design
  • Merchandise
  • Magazines
  • Posters
  • Websites
  • Book Layout

Granted, any graphic designer worth their salt is fully competent to work in any and all of those roles on any given day.

But we’ve seen it happen more than once where a brilliant print designer will turn out a website that is, let’s face it, not so stunning. It’s decent, to be sure, but it’s not very user friendly. Or something about your first impression just doesn’t sit right.

And so we’ve realized–

Web design is a whole different animal.

A website isn’t shouldn’t be a static page. It’s a completely different approach from print work (like magazines, posters, & book layouts). People who visit your website want to see fresh, new content–which they will then want to share with other people.

And so they also need to be able to interact with you. Links to social media like Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn should be featured prominently. Perhaps your Twitter feed is displayed on the sidebar of your homepage, continually updating itself as you connect with others in the Tweet-o-sphere.

Visitors should be able to navigate their way around your website easily. A good test I like to use: could my sweet Internet-illiterate grandmother figure out how to to find a piece of information on my site?

So, yes, at Green Pond Creative, we can design a logo for your company. We can layout your soon-to-be-New-York-Times-bestselling book. Just shoot us an email if you’d like a quote. But we recognize the need for beautiful websites with:

  • Fresh, New Content
  • Social Media Integration
  • Excellent Usability
  • Stellar Design

And we love creating them! So that’s our focus here. Web design is a whole different animal.

And we like to think of it as our new pet.

Happy Swimming,

The Green Pond Creative Team

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